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Personalized Medicine

The Age Of Personalized Medicine

Mother & Child

Early diagnosis, healthy babies

Unlock the hidden secrets to optimize your nutrition, Exercises and most importantly which medicine might suit you the best ? Look no further than your genes.


Genes test for health status

Genes 2 health(Health Geene) is a comprehensive panel which analyze your genetic predisposition to various disease conditions and risk probability for most common (respiratory, metabolic, Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiac etc.) diseases.

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Genes test for fitness status

Genes 2 fit(Fit Geene) is a comphrehensive panel which gives you personalised information on important lifestyle traits, exercise plans, nutrient requirements, metabolites, eating behavior, food reaction, body and weight.

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Genes test for drug efficacy

Med 4 Me(Drug Geene) helps you make use of your personal genetic information to explain how you might metabolise drugs differently as compared to any other individual. It gives you an insight into your unique profiling off more than 600+ generic drugs

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About Us

Drmgenomic is the holistic wellness genomic division of Doctor M Company Pvt Ltd a pioneer in health care service provider for the last 12 years from the year 1997 under the leadership of a medical doctor turned technologist Dr.P.V.Majeed.

Drmgenomic is ventured to create health and wellness based on DNA testing with updateable result that give actionable information that can impact health risk. The setting up of molecular lab is implementing at Doctor M Institute Science Block in association with AM college of pharmacy where Dr.P.V.Majeed is the founder chairman. The company is also focusing on genetic test for personalized medicine which is the need of the hour The DNA can tell a lot of information, such as you are more sensitive than others, whether you should incorporate more vitamin B into your diet, you will be able know types of exercise which are more suitable for your body, which medicines would suit you the best, what type of cancers and diseases which are likely to develop in you in due course etc.

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Inherited Blood Disorders

A Inherited disorder is a genetic problem caused by one or more abnormalities formed in the genome. Most Inherited disorders are quite rare and affect one person in every several thousands or millions.The earliest known genetic condition in a hominid was in the fossil species Paranthropus robustus, with over a third of individuals displaying Amelogenesis imperfecta.

Sickle Cell Anemia

Sickle cell anemia

Sickle cell anemia is an inherited form of anemia — a condition in which there aren't enough healthy red blood…

Sickle Cell Anemia


Thalassemia is a blood disorder passed down through families (inherited) in which the body makes an abnormal form or inadequate…

Sickle Cell Anemia

Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency

Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency is a genetic disorder that occurs almost exclusively in males. This condition mainly affects red blood cells,…

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